Background Long IDs

Brian Milby brian at
Sat May 5 20:37:29 EDT 2018

I'm working on a script exporter and have the following line of code:

put the long id of background ID tObjectID of tStackLongID into

What is peculiar is that I get the following different values:

bkgnd id 1021 of stack "AutoScriptSaver"
group id 1021 of card id 1025 of stack "AutoScriptSaver"

It seems to be related to whether I have visited the card (1025 here) since
opening the stack.  Is there a way to ensure that I'm getting the same
value back all the time?  In another place, I'm also grabbing the long name
which has the same issue.  I know that I could build it manually but am
trying to avoid that additional code if possible.  If I do it manually, I'm
going to use "bkgnd id..." since I don't need to find the first card.


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