LC on Windows - slow for others or just me?

Andre Garzia andre at
Tue May 1 19:12:03 EDT 2018

I use LC 9 on a Surface Pro 4 Machine, it is almost unusable. Everything is
as slow as molasses. Typing a script sometimes takes many seconds to
respond and it even goes as far as missing keystrokes. Trying to drag and
drop stuff onto the stack is also horrible. I don't have any plugins
anymore, this is a fresh install.

I've been using this machine as my main machine for more than a year. LC is
so slow for me (on a fast machine) that I go for my old mac sometimes to
work. I have the impression that I am the only windows user here.

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 3:06 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
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> Ralph DiMola wrote:
> > I have not reported it. I wasn't sure that my setup (VMs/bloated Adobe
> > Products...) was causing it. It's time to open a QCC report on this.
> > Do you want to report it or should I?
> I had put off reporting it since I run Win only in VMs right now, and had
> been thinking it was just me.
> If you have a native install it may carry more weight.  Even better if you
> have anything more actionably specific than my current whingeing
> abstraction, "it's slow".
> I'm trying to get some time for comparative unit tests, but this week I'm
> up against some hairy deadlines so not sure when I can get those together.
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