LC on Windows - slow for others or just me?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue May 1 12:36:57 EDT 2018

Ralph DiMola wrote:
 > I'm on a Win 10 VM using a raid array for my VHD. At times autocorrect
 > causes editing long scripts(2000+) to get on the other side of
 > prohibitively slow. Other times it's OK. Don't have a recipe yet. How
 > do you turn off autocorrect again? Populating text fields is 5-10%
 > slower than v8. Taking 5 - 10 seconds to Launch LC seems slow until I
 > launch Photoshop or InDesign and lose a few minutes of my life that I
 > will never get back. Launching is not an issue for me. Richard, What
 > is slow for you? PB, control creation, scrolling, editing or running
 > scripts... or yes?

Yes. ;)

I haven't found any one thing that's particularly slow.  Or more 
accurately, I haven't found one thing that feels at all as performant as 
on Mac or Linux.

Scrolling the Script Editor, typing in any field, populating fields from 
a DB, waiting for the Project Browser to update - pretty much the whole 
workflow of my day in LC on Win is painful, compared to the easy breezy 
experience I get on Linux and Mac.

Is there a bug report on this?  Is this something the team is working on?

Does the IDE staff spend at least some of their time each week working 
in Windows on iron?

With an 85% desktop share, it seems worth whatever inconveniences keep 
them mostly on Macs.

Just one full day on Windows each week would be so illuminating, these 
lags wouldn't survive long.

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