Codesigning Windows standalones under Mac OS X - a simple and free gui for osslsigncode

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at
Sun Mar 25 05:22:43 EDT 2018


a few days ago i posted some instructions for how to code sign Windows programs under Mac OS X with osslsigncode. Unfortunately osslsigncode must be run from shell and signing more than 1 at a time might be complicated.

Therefore i´ve created a free little tool called WinSignHelper, which is  a simple gui for osslsigncode. Just drag a folder containing your Windows standalone to the program window of WinSignHelper and it does the rest for you. It scans the folder and its subfolders for .exe and .dll files and creates and executes the needed shell commands. 
You´ll need a version of osslsigncode installed on your Mac. Instructions how to install osslsigncode can be found in the help of WinSignHelper.
WinSignHelper supports SHA1, SHA256 and dual signatures (SHA1 and SHA256) signatures.

You´ll find more information about WinSignHelper at <>.

Hope it´s useful for the one or the other of the list. Please read the quickstart guide before using it. You’ll find the quickstart guide at <> or in the help section of WinSignHelper



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