Checkmark for Mac & Windows

Knapp Martin martyknappster at
Fri Mar 23 21:22:39 EDT 2018

I generate lists on the fly with the first item of each line set with a checkmark. After I construct the list under script, I just insert it into a standard LC table field. The user can then toggle the checkmark of each line off or on with a click (a script in the field takes care of that).

On Mac it's just a matter of using the checkmark character (option-v) which I can type right into a script. But on Windows it does not display. I don't want to rely on a specific font in case the user does not have that installed. Is there really not an *simple* way to do this so that it works on both Mac and Windows? I’m redoing a currently Mac-only app so I can release for Windows too and don’t really want to re-work all this if there’s a simple solution that I’m missing.



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