Smooth transition between stacks

William Prothero waprothero at
Tue Mar 20 18:39:53 EDT 2018

This seems like it should be very easy, but I’m struggling.

I want, simply, to transition between stacks in a visually nice and clean way. I’m testing this out in the IDE, in livecode version 9.0.0 (Rc1) and I’m on Mac OS 10.13.3. I think I have a reasonable transition, but I want to close and remove the splash stack from memory. I can’t get it to do this. However, now I’m thinking that the splash stack will contain all of the code, and shouldn’t be purged. The project will have stacks for individual functions in the “Resources” folder. 

How should I transition from one stack to another, and get the calling stack to leave memory when it’s launched the destination stack? My code won’t do it.

The splash stack has code like:

on mouseUp

put the short name of this stack into splashStackName

put splashStackName into appParams["splashStackName"]

put the filename of this stack into fName

set the itemdelimiter to "/"

delete the last item of fName

put "AppSetup-D3.livecode" into appSetupStackFileName

put "AppSetup-D3" into appSetupStackName

put appSetupStackName into appParams["appSetupStackName"]

put fName&"/"&appSetupStackFileName into stTarget

wait for 0 seconds with messages

go invisible to stack stTarget

send "doStackSetup "&splashStackName to stack appSetupStackName

end mouseUp

——The destination stack has this handler to initialize it.
on doStackSetup originStackName

put appParams["appSetupStackName"] into thisStack

set the rect of stack thisStack to the rect of stack originStackName

wait for 0 seconds with messages

show stack thisStack

send "doCloseThisStack "&stackName to me in 1 second

set the lockscreen to false

end doStackSetup

on doCloseThisStack


put "Start Earth Explorer" into stackName

set the destroyStack of stack stackName to true

close stack stackName

end doCloseThisStack

In the destination stack named appSetupStackName, I run code that accesses a database for configuration parameters. I don’t want the user to be required to click a button to initiate this process. I start it on an opencard handler.

I’ve fiddled with this way more time than I should have to. Does anyone have a nicely visual way of seamlessly going to another stack without screen flashing, windows jumping around, etc. I want the destination stack to just open in the same rect as the source stack.

I know that the opencard handler runs before the above mouseup code finishes. 

Thanks for any advice.

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