New stack window has 2 title bars

ELS prothero prothero at
Mon Mar 19 20:51:26 EDT 2018


I’m setting up my app, which involves moving from a splash stack to a setup stack, then to one I”m using for an index to the application. The first stack opens fine and there is a single title bar, but when that setup stack opens a third stack, it has two title bars. Each time I open a new stack, I make sure the calling stack is closed and removed from memory. To go to a new stack:

set the destroystack of myCallingStack to TRUE
go stack newStackPath  —includes full path to the stack, in IDE
send “close “&myCallingStack to my newStackName in 1 second  —closes the calling stack

The splash stack opens the setup stack with only a single title bar, but when the setup stack calls the index stack, I get two title bars at the top of the new window that opens. Probably something stupid I’m doing, but …????
What’s going on?


William Prothero, PhD
Professor Emeritus
University of California, Santa Barbara

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