New stack window has 2 title bars

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Tue Mar 20 17:54:31 CET 2018

Hi Bill,
See this report:

This happens because of a new feature in MacOS Sierra (you can have tabbed
windows), which LC does not fully support yet.


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> Folks:
> I’m setting up my app, which involves moving from a splash stack to a
> setup stack, then to one I”m using for an index to the application. The
> first stack opens fine and there is a single title bar, but when that setup
> stack opens a third stack, it has two title bars. Each time I open a new
> stack, I make sure the calling stack is closed and removed from memory. To
> go to a new stack:
> set the destroystack of myCallingStack to TRUE
> go stack newStackPath  —includes full path to the stack, in IDE
> send “close “&myCallingStack to my newStackName in 1 second  —closes the
> calling stack
> The splash stack opens the setup stack with only a single title bar, but
> when the setup stack calls the index stack, I get two title bars at the top
> of the new window that opens. Probably something stupid I’m doing, but …????
> What’s going on?
> Bill
> William Prothero, PhD
> Professor Emeritus
> University of California, Santa Barbara
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