What LC or OS incantation do I use to involve the onscreen keyboard on a Win 10 tablet?

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 12:27:11 CET 2018

Colleagues in Livecode,

I just purchased a Win 10 ‘convertible’ tablet from Lidl <https://www.lidl.de/de/trekstor-surftab-twin-10-1/p255395> solely for quick Win testing LC.  The upside is that it is astonishing value for money (£169).

The downside is that the on screen keyboard isn’t automatically invoked when no keyboard is attached and the cursor enters a field.  I can access the KB from the task bar, but who wants to do that all the time?  It also doesn’t seem to move things about to avoid the KB overlaying the field in question.

I have seen a few complaints online that seem to suggest that this is how it works in Win 10.  I have a hard time believing that because it is so spectacularly stupid and irritating.  Some apps seem to have worked around this problem, and I hope that someone on this list has also done so.

Any advice?  If I have to roll my own KB + field avoidance+ text entry system I will, but surely that shouldn’t be necessary?

Best wishes,

David Glasgow

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