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Randy Hengst iowahengst at
Fri Mar 16 16:21:45 EDT 2018

Hi William,

I haven’t messed with this for quite a while, but the sound delay isn’t new. On iOS I found that the second sound played without delay… even when it was not a repeat of the first sound. Is that what you’ve seen?

My workaround was to record a few seconds of silence and play that sound on openStack.
play specialFolderPath("engine") &"/"& "Silence.wav"

I’ve not used mp3 files in LiveCode, so don’t really if you’re seeing the same thing I did with .wav files.

be well,

Randy Hengst

> On Mar 15, 2018, at 9:55 AM, William de Smet via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Why is there a short delay when playing a sound for the first time?
> And how do I solve this?
> play specialFolderPath("engine") & slash & "sounds/pop.mp3"
> greetings,
> William
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