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>> i will be able to answer any request in about 9 hours.
> Real programmers don't need sleep. :)
Who said i am a programmer. Call me software architect and grant me my sleep. ;)

9 hours btw. are not that much. It means sleep, eating, “family business”, body care and so on

Speaking of  body care I remember a colleague in the first company i worked for. He was a brilliant programmer, he did not sleep much. Sometimes he worked 3 days in a row. His workplace looked like a garbage dump. All over there was the packaging of Camembert. That was his main food. Camembert, Potato chips/crisps and Coke. The key caps of his keyboard were nearly black, because he was also a heavy smoker. And he smelled unpleasant… 

That was a warning for me to never ever being like someone like him. 

Btw, our boss had not a problem with that all, because firstly the work of that colleague was brilliant and secondly our boss had his own office room far far away. 

So please let me sleep and smell well. ;)

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