Not sure what to do.....can I run this by you guys?

Tom Glod tom at
Thu Mar 15 16:04:08 EDT 2018

Hi guys, I've brought this up before.....and the time to solve is coming
sooner than I expected.

1. My project must be open source
2. I must communicate with cloud service not one request at a time.
3. TsNet is not open source and I love that LC has a feature that can bring
them important revenue.

But I have to create a workaround ... so its hackathon time....

My first idea is to do this :

   - Create process in Go using Go Routines to give me concurrent http
   - send all my requests to that process via a non-blocking socket
   - read from the socket in non-blocking way to receive the data returned
   for the requests until all requests have completed or timed out.

thats the theory

i hope it works.

thanks you guys for any thouights

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