Power outage alarm app on iPhone : LC can do it ?

Georges Malamoud malamoud.public at free.fr
Thu Mar 15 12:15:16 EDT 2018

I want to develop a simple LC app to monitor power outages in my home and to send an email in case of an outage.
The iPhone is an old one and will be permanently plugged in my home (near the fridge ;). 
When there is a power outage, it will continue on battery, LC will wake up and send an email somewhere because it is easy (on GSM, because wifi will be down) or why not a SMS if it can be fully automated.
I know it is simple on Android (app exist in Google Play), but I have to use an iPhone, and it will be fun to develop (of course, it will be freely available if the community version is compatible)

Any clues ?

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