Still looking into HTML5 app

hh hh at
Wed Mar 14 22:22:58 CET 2018

There is a new feature "new window/another canvas" that may help with the
'splash' problem (library stacks).

Regarding audio/video: LC player is not supported. But everything
is possible what's possible in the supported browsers, because you have
the "do as javaScript" feature. Sadly you need until now still two versions
of a video (mp4 and webm) for the different browsers.

By the "do as javaScript" feature you have (running in a desktop machine)
effectively more possibilities and can be much faster in a HTML5 standalone
than in a desktop Mac/Win/linux standalone, if ...

... if you write your own javaScript additions or embed and use suitable
javascript engines.

p.s. Testing HTML5 builds is meanwhile very fast and comfortable. Just put
any (scripted) object on a test stack and compile to see what's working.

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