iOS cached Screen Flashes after Splash Image

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It's still open in the background. It's not exiting on suspend. When the app is still open in the background there is no problems switching between apps. When the user swipes it off after the double press of the home button and then re-opens the app is when this cached page is flashed in between the splash page and the first card. I would think that the thumbnail you see after the double press of the home button would be the image that flashes. In many cases it is but not all, maybe 50-50 between the thumbnail and the some random card from the past. I was looking for an app bug until the user said that one of the flashed images had an answer dialog opened. If you reinstall the app it still happens. If you uninstall/reinstall the app it still happens. If you uninstall the app then re-boot the device and then reinstall it does not happen the first launch. Then if you swipe the app off and then reopen it's sometimes OK the first few launches then after 3 or so launches it's back other times it starts after the first time you swipe it off. The happens on Pandora and Google maps also on my iPad mini but they are fine on my old iPad 2.

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I have seen something like you’re describing with other apps, not LiveCode ones. iOS 11 has a new way of doing app switching, and that uses a different snapshot of the apps. Are you letting your app quit on suspend, or is it still open in the background? I can imagine cases where someone switches apps and will get the last app switching image iOS 11 kept. That is bound to be different if the app quit on suspend.
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