Release 9.0.0 RC-1

Dave Kilroy dave at
Wed Mar 14 19:35:07 CET 2018

Well done all of you at LiveCode!

RC-1 looks great and a 'great leap forward' from 8 (which was itself a great
leap forward etc...)

I don't have enough time to have a good play with it at the moment but am
looking forward to doing so :)

BTW, in the last week using 9.0.0-dp11 I've built and submitted the same app
twice for iTunesConnect, and apart from the usual annoying warning messages,
the app sailed though the Apple Review process (and uploaded .apks to Google
Play as well). In short, dp11 was stable for me and just fine for deploying
as well as development. 

Kind regards


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Peter M. Brigham 
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