Rotating PNG images

Jim Lambert jiml at
Mon Mar 5 16:12:18 EST 2018

With the added WAIT this is a bit more fun to look at.
And it checks for angles > 32767.
You get an error if you set the angle of an image to greater than 32767.

local ang

on spin
   repeat forever
      add 13 to ang
      if ang > 32767 then 
         put 0 into ang
      end if
      set the angle of image 1 to ang
      if the commandKey is down then 
         --set the angle of image 1 to 0
         exit spin
      end if
      wait 0 ticks
   end repeat
end spin

Again this illustrates that setting the angle of an image does not distort the image, whereas rotating an image can distort the image.

Jim Lambert

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