Rotating PNG images

Jim Lambert jiml at
Mon Mar 5 15:20:05 EST 2018

Richmond wrote:
> LiveCode is incapable of rotating anything other than SVG images
> without a bad case of the "jaggies".

RichardG wrote:
> have you tried setting the angle property instead?

Richmond wrote:
> I set the angle on PNG images and they deteriorate.

I find that

	rotate image 1 by 13

will often produce jaggies even if resize quality is best. 
And the distortion increases with every iteration.

However, if find that

 	set the angle of image 1 to 13

never deteriorates the image.

You can do the following all the livelong day without any jaggies in the image.

local ang

on spin
   repeat forever
      add 13 to ang
      set the angle of image 1 to ang
      if the commandKey is down then 
         set the angle of image 1 to 0
         exit spin
      end if
   end repeat
end spin

Jim Lambert

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