Rotating PNG images

hh hh at
Mon Mar 5 11:30:01 EST 2018

> Richmond M. wrote:
> Not much.
> Luckily I am building images where the part that needs
> rotating is monochrome so that can
> be rendered as an SVG and imported into a widget.
> This is, however, quite beside the point . . .
> The inability of LiveCode to do something that nearly
> every other program seems to manage "easily".

An image can't be rendered as an SVG. Or do you mean that it
is "traced" to an SVG? This is non-trivial (i.e. not "Not much").
The "nearly every other programs" (which else than Inkscape and
Gimp?) can't do it "easily", they all use "Potrace".

That can LC also easily do. I have already implemented it.

p.s. Are you really looking for PNGtoSVG in order to rotate an image?

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