Font name weirdness

Knapp Martin martyknappster at
Thu Mar 1 17:42:01 EST 2018

I just discovered something weird with regards to font names. If I look at the font names in the font menu of LC 8.1.9, in some cases they are different names than what I get when I access the fontNames. For example, I have a font family named "Vendome." From the fontNames function I get these:


When I try to apply those to text, nothing happens.

Then when I look at the font names in the LC font menu I see this instead;

Vendome T Bold
Vendome T Medium
Vendome T Medium Italic
Vendome T Regular

And those apply just fine. I've been using LC 6.6.5 and have no problems there. Anybody know what's up? The dictionary entry for fontNames makes no mention of this…


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