Another server question (mixing node.js and LC)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 1 11:38:27 EST 2018

jonathandlynch wrote:

 > I certainly don’t need to load fonts in the LC process.

Most people doing server work don't.  It's nice that we now have 
graphics capabilities in Server, and I can imagine some CGIs that maybe 
generate postcard or other output where fonts would be needed.  But 
probably not many.

 > Can that be turned off?

Not yet.  I have a request for a "-f" option to bypass that:

If we could get buy-in from the team to allow this to be added, given 
that a command line flag is by far the simplest of the remedies 
discussed I would imagine we may be able to find community resources to 
implement it.

 > I like the idea of maintaining a queue of running LC processes and
 > growing or shrinking it as needed based on request load.
 > How does the http server know which process to access?

There are various queuing methods, the simplest being a round-robin, 
where a counter keeps track of the last worked used and each request 
moves on to the next one.

Comms between HTTP server and workers also happen via sockets, on 
internal ports.

The mechanics will vary from HTTP server to HTTP server, but the basic 
setup seems pretty common.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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