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> Sorry if this is a repeat but I have not seen any replies to my previous
> query from April 19 ("Android assistance / information?")
> This query is likely to need someone in this community as versed in
> Android as Monte Goulding is in iOS.  One of the beauties of LC is its
> cross-platform ability.  The app I've written in iOS ports just fine to
> Android .. at least the user-interactive and data processing parts do.  ..
> without changing one line of code (and it's a complex app) ... how slick is
> that??? Obviously, there is a lack of an equivalent Android BLE function
> for communicating to my Arduino which I have working splendidly in iOS.
> So... I'm looking for information / assistance on how to implement a
> "hardwired" connection from an Arduino to an Android device  (currently
> have an older- Galaxy Tab 4 running v 5.1.1) ... but if I need a newer
> model, newer OS, that's do-able.
> I'm hoping (?against hope?) that all I need is the "device name" for the
> USB port on the Android and the rest I can handle using the "open device"
> serial handles in LC.  I understand that one reason that LC may have and
> still is avoiding the Android BLE topic is due to the varieties and
> variations within the numerous version of the Android OS's.  For me, I just
> need to be able to demonstrate a mobile device (iOS or Android) being able
> to communicate with an Arduino app via a USB hardwire connection.  I REALLY
> don't care which OS it is and if I have to use iOS for BLE and Android for
> USB... that's just fine!
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I'm sure in this age of
> wireless-ness, hardwire connectivity is a conceptual dinosaur but, for us
> die-hards, it remains a viable alternative.
> Douglas Ruisaard
> Trilogy Software
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