Too fundamental to be a bug, so what's wrong?

tbodine bodine at
Tue Jul 31 17:16:18 CEST 2018

 Panos' test and Mark's insight have me on the right path.

I am not using "numberFormat" anywhere, but I am setting the value of
gTSsettings["teamcount] from a mouseup script on a scrollbar. Since my
scrollbar output is apparently coming out as a floating point value, I need
to add rounding to it.

Not sure how the scrollbar was able to generate floating point values, as
Start/End/Current values are all integers. Is "scroll distance on bar click"
actually used in the result calculation? That was set to .9ish.  I thought
the scroll distance setting was more of a UI setting that allowed the user
to not have to hit the exact tick on the scrollbar. 

Thanks to all for your help on this.
Tom B.

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