Failed to Build iOS Versions in 9.0.1 RC1

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Jul 28 17:37:27 EDT 2018

1) Since working with 9.0.1. RC1 I have not been able to get a home screen icon to show.  I get something generic... Everything is set in the SA settings…

Well, I kept on with development, saying "I'll worry about the icon later" 

Then today I added some devices to my Apple Developer Profile and downloaded the new provisioning profile. 

Nothing has changed (that I can see).

Now I am getting a new error..

Unable to build for device : codesigning failed with
/private/var/folders/t8 snip]/


So I took a look at the /private folder .... went digging did not fine the error. But I do find

   / AppIcon.appiconset
		Icon-App-57x57 at 1x.png
		Icon-App-57x57 at 2x.png
		Icon-App-60x60 at 2x.png
		Icon-App-60x60 at 3x.png
		Icon-App-72x72 at 1x.png
		Icon-App-72x72 at 2x.png
		Icon-App-76x76 at 1x.png
		Icon-App-76x76 at 2x.png
		Icon-App-83.5x83.5 at 2x.png
		ItunesArtwork at 2x.png

I really don't know if the latest error on iOS build is related or not... but something myterious in going on?

I can see what so many developers opt out of building for iOS are all!  Too much pain with Apple...


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