Data Persistence

John McKenzie davros at
Fri Jul 27 14:37:56 EDT 2018

 Thanks for the extra comments everyone. Glad my thought process was
correct, databse is overkill, saving every text change is too much,
etc, etc.

 As I said I will not be able to really do anything until next week.

 Thanks for mentioning the closeField command guys. I will check it
out, but the name sounds like it explains it, loose focus on the field,
field is closed, handling activated.

 Because I like word play I might make my own text file format, the
"Extended Livecode Optimized Serialized Object Notation" format or
ELSON. It adds just enough features to LSON to make identical to JSON.
Being stupid and redundant it will be the hot new buzzword in the
computing industry.

 Using arrays intigues me, especially if I can just keep it in RAM (It
is a small amount of data for sure).

 Thanks for your continued help everyone. Off to super busy weekend
planning and working on an event for Sunday. Will update you/ask
follow-ups next week.

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