Data Persistence

John McKenzie davros at
Fri Jul 27 13:47:02 EDT 2018

 Tom, thank you for welcoming me. Much different than some online
programming groups. :-)

 Brian and Tom thank you for your replies about my Android data
persistence problem. An SQLite database seems like extreme overkill but
I will give it a try if it is needed to get the app to work. Does this
require me to pre-install any sort of database software?

 Brian, I gathered from your post that the only way to work with a text
file as data storage on Android is to save every time a field is
changed? How would I do this in such a way that it knows to save when
"1421" is typed as a time of day as opposed to the app trying to save
it after "1" is typed, then again when "2" is typed, etc. Or perhaps
there is no way and I have to re-save every time a character it typed.

  I am super duper busy this week, especially this weekend. Will really
get back to the problem in earnest next week.

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