OT: On-Rev cPanel (port 2083) access blocked by BT Smart Hub router?

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at sonic.net
Fri Jul 27 13:05:00 EDT 2018

On 07/27/2018 09:58 AM, Keith Clarke via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks Mark, I had found that thread but unfortunately that sits at the WHM server-level of cPanel to which only the mothership team have keys - for some reason we don’t get to play with server-wide config as on-rev shared hosting users ;-)
> I doubt that on-rev support would be too keen to update server settings that could affect all users just because my router or ISP has blocked a port.
> I’ll try a different router not supplied by my ISP, just in case they are restricting the router's menu.

Yeah, I was afraid this would get down to cPanel configs.
If you've got a fancy router you could possibly write a rule to forward 
port 443 to 2083 for the cPanel url only and that might have a chance of 

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at gmail.com

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