Datagrids and Nested Behaviors

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jul 23 17:29:58 CEST 2018

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > With a clearer head I have discovered that indeed setting the behavior
 > in the way prescribed sets it GLOBALLY for ALL grids! That will not do
 > for my purposes, because the grids in my substacks operate a bit
 > differently than the one in the mainstack.
 > Well my workaround before was to put the special handlers for those
 > grids in the respective card or stack scripts. It looks like I will
 > have to go back to that. Curious though that setting the behavior of
 > a datagrid to a custom button, then setting the behavior of the button
 > to the old datagrid behavior button fails. I think that is the real
 > bug, and I have submitted a request to look at that. Othewise we have
 > to say that nested behaviors are not presently fully supported with
 > datagrids.

Was your request submitted through Support or the bug DB?  If the 
latter, do you have the bug report ID?

The more I've explored this the more subclassing by inserting a custom 
behavior in between a custom control and its original behavior should 
work.  It's curious that it doesn't here.

What exactly were the errors you encountered?

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