Datagrids and Nested Behaviors

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jul 20 16:26:32 EDT 2018

I just realized why the method most useful for controlling scope won't 
actually work.

For scoping, we want only some DGs to have custom behavior, so this 
would seem most desirable:

       [ DataGrid ]
    [ Custom Behavior ]
[ Standard DG Behavior ]

Useful as that it for limiting scope, the problem is that much of the DG 
code refers to objects within "me", and in this setup "me" refers to the 
Custom Behavior object rather than the original DG group.  No subgroups, 
fields, or anything else the DG expects to find are present in the 
Custom Behavior object, resulting in script errors.

So the only way I can see this working at all is to toss scope control 
out the door and swap the Custom Behavior to be the behavior object for 
the Standard DG Behavior, as I believe Panos had suggested earlier.

Brian's suggestion of "before" and "after" handlers may help for some 
aspects of message ordering, but all handlers in the Custom Behavior 
object will affect all DGs once the Custom Behavior object is assigned 
as the behavior for the global Standard DG Behavior.

At the risk of drifting toward OOPness, I wonder if this situation may 
prompt us to consider some more refined method of having nested 
controls, so that we can insert a custom behavior script in between a 
global-scope behavior script and a subset of the controls it's assigned to.

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