iOS 12 testing

Colin Holgate colinholgate at
Fri Jul 20 19:49:14 CEST 2018

I tested at app on iOS 12 beta 4, and the Console details of the crash are below. I wanted to compare what it would be like when it works, so tried to test on an iOS 11 iPhone. But, it’s a new device, and my provisioning profiles have changed.

Under LC 7.1.4 I couldn’t see my profile listed. There were lots of other ones. Under 8.1.7 I choose see and choose the new profile, but LC wasn’t happy with my Xcode, which has SDK 11.4 and doesn’t have 11.0. Under LC 9.0.1 rc1 I could only see at entry for Team Provisioning. So, it was happy with my Xcode but couldn’t show me any profiles, let alone my new one.

Which just meant I couldn’t test a working version. Here’s what Console had to say about the test on my iPad, which was already under my old profile:

default	10:13:19.994329 -0700	SpringBoard	Bootstrapping Untitled-1 with intent foreground-interactive
default	10:13:19.995979 -0700	kernel	AMFI: '/private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/2A113E7E-870A-4463-8877-E9281D952845/' does not pass CT evaluation, result: 0x80008
default	10:13:19.996347 -0700	kernel	AMFI: '/private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/2A113E7E-870A-4463-8877-E9281D952845/': Unrecoverable CT signature issue, bailing out.
default	10:13:20.025970 -0700	assertiond	Submitting new job for "Untitled-1" on behalf of <BKProcess: 0x12bd25c20; SpringBoard;; pid: 53; agency: SystemShell; visibility: foreground; task: running>
default	10:13:20.026078 -0700	assertiond	Submitted job with label: UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63]
default	10:13:20.026316 -0700	assertiond	Unable to get pid for 'UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63]': No such process (3)
error	10:13:20.026768 -0700	SpringBoard	[Untitled-1] Bootstrap failed with error: <NSError: 0x28121b930; domain: BKSProcessErrorDomain; code: 1 (bootstrap-failed); reason: "Failed to start job">
error	10:13:20.026822 -0700	SpringBoard	Bootstrapping failed for <FBApplicationProcess: 0x103af1870; Untitled-1; pid: -1> with error: Error Domain=BKSProcessErrorDomain Code=1 "Unable to bootstrap process with bundleID Untitled-1" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to bootstrap process with bundleID Untitled-1, BKSProcessExitReason=0, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Failed to start job, NSUnderlyingError=0x2812199e0 {Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=3 "No such process" UserInfo={BKLaunchdOperation=launch_get_running_pid_4SB, NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to get pid for label UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63], BKLaunchdJobLabel=UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63], NSLocalizedFailureReason=No such process}}, BKSProcessJobLabel=UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63], BSErrorCodeDescription=bootstrap-failed}
default	10:13:20.026916 -0700	SpringBoard	Adding: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x103af1870; Untitled-1; pid: -1>
default	10:13:20.026997 -0700	SpringBoard	<FBApplicationProcess: 0x103af1870; Untitled-1; pid: -1> exited.
default	10:13:20.027946 -0700	SpringBoard	Removing: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x103af1870; Untitled-1; pid: -1>
default	10:13:20.032999 -0700	SpringBoard	Application process state changed for Untitled-1: <SBApplicationProcessState: 0x2807a8800; pid: -1; taskState: Not Running; visibility: Unknown>
default	10:13:20.033138 -0700	SpringBoard	Process exited: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x103af1870; Untitled-1; pid: -1> -> <FBApplicationProcessExitContext: 0x28121bc90; exitReason: (none); terminationReason: (none)> {
    stateAtExit = <FBProcessState: 0x280649e60; pid: -1; taskState: Unknown; visibility: Unknown>;
default	10:13:20.033257 -0700	SpringBoard	Application process state changed for Untitled-1: (null)
error	10:13:20.034136 -0700	assertiond	Failed to start job with error <NSError: 0x12bf7c6a0; domain: NSPOSIXErrorDomain; code: 3; reason: "No such process"> {
    description = "Unable to get pid for label UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63]";
    failureReason = "No such process";
    userInfo = {
        BKLaunchdJobLabel = UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63];
        BKLaunchdOperation = launch_get_running_pid_4SB;
default	10:13:20.034175 -0700	assertiond	Deleted job with label: UIKitApplication:Untitled-1[0x8c4][63]
default	10:13:20.623005 -0700	SpringBoard	Front display did change: <SBApplication: 0x283e5d950; Untitled-1>

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