drawing a Barcode without a Barcode font

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de
Thu Jul 19 18:06:50 EDT 2018

Currently i am using a special 2of5i barcode font. The font .has only four characters (bars) in its set.
The code displays a
narrow space (blank) bar when the character is n
narrow black bar when N 
wide space when w 
wide black bar when W 

The code can only display a pair number of digits. You cannot display a number with 23 digits.
So to display the number  590848500010000294926452
i have to enter the followingNnNnWnNwWnNwNnNwNnWnWwNnNwNnWnNwWnWnNnWwNwNnNnNnWwWwNnWnNnNwNwWnNnNnWwWwNnNnNwWnWnNwNnWnNwWnNwNnWwNnWnNwNnWnWwNnNwWnNwWnNnNwWnN
into the field.  There is a special algorithm how to calculate the correct combination of the different bars, but that is not my problem.

 What i want is to draw the code myself without using the  font.  So that´s why i asked if someone already has done this.

Btw: the code for calculation the code looks like this, i case someone is interested

function createBarcode tBarcode

if the number of chars of tBarcode is not 24


answer error "Fehler beim Erzeugen des Barcodes"

exit to top

end if

put "NNWWN" into t0

put "WNNNW" into t1

put "NWNNW" into t2

put "WWNNN" into t3

put "NNWNW" into t4

put "WNWNN" into t5

put "NWWNN" into t6

put "NNNWW" into t7

put "WNNWN" into t8

put "NWNWN" into t9

put "" into tNewBarcode

repeat with i = 1 to 23 step 2

put char i to (i+1) of tBarcode into tPair

replace 1 with t1 in tPair

replace 2 with t2 in tPair

replace 3 with t3 in tPAir

replace 4 with t4 in tPair

replace 5 with t5 in tPair

replace 6 with t6 in tPair

replace 7 with t7 in tPair

replace 8 with t8 in tPair

replace 9 with t9 in tPair

replace 0 with t0 in tPair

put char 1 to 5 of tPair & toLower(char 6 to 10 of tPAir) into tPair

put "" into tNewPAir

repeat with j = 1 to 5

put char j of tPair &char j+5 of tPair after tNewPair

end repeat

put tnewPair after tNewBarcode

end repeat

return tNewBarcode
end createBarcode



> Am 19.07.2018 um 22:30 schrieb dunbarxx via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com>:
> Hi.
> Curious.
> So you are creating your own barcode, er, code? That is, you are, say,
> making three thin lines with thin spaces, and then three thick lines with
> thick spaces, and storing that pattern somewhere?
> And then you read that pattern and look up what it refers to?
> Craig
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