LiveCode server IDE - the current state of the art?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Jul 19 07:55:07 EDT 2018

I have no idea if this is state of the art or not :-) - but here's what 
I do ...

Short answer : the Livecode IDE plus an FTP client (Filezilla).

Longer answer :

99% of what I write for the LC server is standard LC - scriptonly 
stacks, used as library stacks.

I have about 20 lines of LCS - just enough to look around and "start 
using" the relevant librarystacks, and then invoke the top-level 
handler. (This is actually in a revIgniter controller because I use 
revIgniter, but the same thing would work even if I didn't).

This lets me develop and test most of it in a convenient environment 
(the IDE, on my own laptop). I keep a copy of the scripts locally, along 
with enough of the database to do testing. I have a small "test-harness" 
app that lets me set parameters as though from the URL.

All output is done through my own handlers - which then either output on 
LC Server, or output to log/status/output fields and a browser widget in 
the test app. All DB access is done through a shim layer which uses 
Andre's DBLib + sqlite on the laptop and revIgniter's DB Lib + MySQL on 
the server.

I don't use revIgniter's "Views" - I have my own library which provides 
the equivalent functionality in a way that lets me give website 
maintainers access to it, without giving them access to anything within 
revIgniter's 'system' folder.  (This also lets me test on the IDE).

I have a variety of ancillary files which I edit with other editors 
(currently trying out Atom for small changes, but falling back to emacs 
when there are larger or complex changes to do).

Only problem I've run into with this approach is that sometimes I will 
edit and test a file (or a number of files)  locally, and forget to 
upload one or some :-(  So I have a small 'sync' app which runs on the 
laptop, and uses a LC Server script on the website, to flag up any 
differences in the 'should be identical' files.


On 19/07/2018 08:01, Keith Clarke via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I’m attempting to engage with LiveCode Server after a couple of years since I last played - when the approach was to roll your own IDE (i.e. pick a text editor) and optionally use the RevIgnitor framework.
> I’d be obliged if anyone could please update me on the current state of the art and share their personal tool-belt preference (target environment is a Linux VPS).
> Thanks & regards
> Keith
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