Apple's 30%--anyway around it?

Linda Miller, DVM 1anmldr1 at
Wed Jul 18 01:28:28 EDT 2018

This is close to what my original app would do and it was turned down by Apple (way back when).  However, the app was not crippled.  I offered a fair amount of free content and so it worked fine for those eBooks.  The free eBooks did not have a "registration" or verification process. It was a free app and they could download and read whatever I provided for free and they could also install documents of their own in the app through iTunes and "document sharing" or whatever it was called in iTunes. Documents like .epub, .pdf, html.

I am hoping that things have changes slightly at Apple then and I will go ahead with my plans.

Thanks everyone. I have some ideas now to work with.

> One method is to offer things for sale outside of things for sale to  
> the outside world that then unlock content in your app. I have a  
> client that a made an app for that is free to download, but  
> functionally crippled without an existing account from them (login  
> credentials unlock access to certain desirable features).
> They sell their service online from their website (using wooCommerce),  
> then their customers download the free app to enter their account  
> credentials giving them access to the goodies. This sort of works as a  
> DRM since the goodies can't be procured or shared outside of the app.   
> End user is paying for a privilege, but that privilege is really only  
> available from inside the app.
> --Andrew Bell

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