Why you should sanitize input data

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Jul 17 10:57:35 EDT 2018

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > Judging by this, simply putting an SQL server behind a web server does
 > not really protect the SQL server like some propose. Maybe I'm
 > oversimplifying the issue, but it seems they are saying that using
 > this method, shell commands can be executed, and that means access to
 > the sql database can be had.

Everything is hackable.

But the more elements we put into place, the smaller the system's attack 
surface becomes.

Simply hiring a security guard will do nothing to protect your business. 
  But working with a well trained guard to examine your facility's 
layout, identify entrances and exits, and establish a comprehensive plan 
for patrolling and mitigating unauthorized entry will stop most would-be 

Same with server middleware.  The mere existence of 
PHP/Perl/Python/LiveCode/etc. by itself won't do much.  Smart of use of 
those, however, represents common best practice for protecting the full 
scope of MySQL's rich feature set from the open Internet.

While it's possible to mitigate many risks by using especially strong 
passwords (using modern best practices favoring length over yesteryear's 
fixation on complexity) along with stored procedures and other MySQL 
features, the belt-and-suspenders approach with using middleware has 
become the common best practice for good reason, allowing an additional 
layer of fine-grained control over the details of handling requests that 
are beyond the scope of MySQL's design.

Extra bonus points that crafting APIs with middleware can also greatly 
accelerate client development, esp. where client implementation covers 
different access options (native client as well as browser, for 
example), and helps factor storage from model to allow changes to either 
in ways that minimize impact on other elements.

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