Must have flexible row height for Datagrid Table

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jul 12 00:14:40 EDT 2018

Tom Glod wrote:

 > Update on this ......  I'm coming to realize that dg isn't going to
 > cut it for my needs in applications where performance matters.
 >  Datagrid is built using custom properties.  which are way way way
 > slower than accessing variables  i haven't tested in a while but last
 > i did it was orrders of magnitude slower.

I would be interested in seeing those tests.  Vars are much faster than 
fields, and still faster than custom props but much less so.

I would imagine the bigger bottleneck is with rendering so many nested 
groups of objects.

All that said, if you know your total size will not exceed 32k px it's 
easy enough to use one group populated with row groups copied in as needed.

But if you need to go beyond 32k px you'll find the geometry becomes 
unpredictable with the integer limit.  For that you'd need to replicate 
Trevor's hard work in virtualizing what's on screen vs what's in memory, 
and handling the scrollbar via script rather than letting the engine 
handle it.  With all that work it may be simple to fork the existing DG 
if needed.

But either is a bit of work, so I would think time spent isolating the 
true bottleneck first would be time well spent.

Please let us know what you find.

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