[ANN] Release 9.0.1 RC-1

panagiotis merakos panos.merakos at livecode.com
Mon Jul 9 12:34:32 EDT 2018

Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 9.0.1 RC-1.

Getting the Release
You can get the release at https://downloads.livecode.com/livecode/ or via
the automatic updater.

Release Contents
LiveCode 9.0.1 RC-1 comes with more than 90 bugfixes. Several long standing
and annoying bugs have been fixed - including - but not limited to:

- several inconsistencies, partial screen updates, incorrect screen
redraws, "black screen" issues and crashes when acceleratedRendering is
true are now fixed
- the crash when reopening an app that was terminated with the "quit"
command on Android no longer occurs
- the performance of the IDE on Windows is significantly improved
- a couple of issues with breakpoints are now fixed

In addition, LiveCode 9.0.1 RC-1 includes several new features:

- support for building with Xcode 9.4.x, using iOS 11.4 SDK
- new tsNet and mergExt builds
- new stereo panning properties added to MacOS Player Object
- support for Option Menus on Android

Known issues
- The Browser widget's native layer is not shown in some Linux distros with
Cinnamon window manager.
- The use of the Browser widget is not supported on Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit LTS

The full release notes are available from:


Please report any bugs encountered on our BugZilla at

We have a forum available for discussing LiveCode Builder at

Have fun!
The LiveCode Team

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