What are possible reasons for memory consumption going up on stack that isn't doing much?

Tom Glod tom at makeshyft.com
Sun Jul 8 01:20:51 CEST 2018

So i've been watching this running standalone a while .... and it seems to
have stopped for now...I'm going to keep it running and see how high up it

Its like the engine is caching system events or something .... I'll post
again in a few hours to see if its gotten any higher than this.....

On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 7:15 PM, Tom Glod <tom at makeshyft.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I have a stack that has 2 or 3 self perpetuating messages which do a few
> checks and the like....they run every 250 milliseconds or so.
> There is no input data into the program unless I specifically send it
> there.
> but while my program is sitting there ....repeating its loops and checks
> for incoming input ...... the memory consumption is steadily going up by .1
> megabytes at a time.
> I have watched my global variables , there is nothing being added to them
> and most handlers have local variables that clear out when the handler
> finishes.
> This happens in IDE and standalone.
> This app is made to stay in memory so this is not acceptable, because
> after 2 days it will get up to 2gb or whatever....so i cannot let this
> remain.
> maybe if i let it sit there it will eventually clear out ..but i haven't
> seen that happen yet.
> I just don't know where to look.  maybe i just found a memory leak
> ....Thanks for any input

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