LiveCode 6.6.3 crashing and saving only part of a stack file

Gabe J gwjapp at
Fri Jul 6 21:48:03 CEST 2018


We have a recurring problem where on one of our computers, LiveCode 6.6.3
crashes (segmentation fault, signal 11) while saving a stack file, and only
writes part of the file. The crash report says the last function called is
a C function called getfontattsnew(). From what I understand of the crash
report, it looks to me it looks like LiveCode was trying to get font info
for a field, and then crashes. It only happens on one computer, which leads
us to believe that there might be a font on that computer that is crashing

Has anyone else had an issue with a font (or something font-related)
crashing LiveCode during saving, and how we might go about debugging this?
(I've compiled LiveCode 6.6.3 with some custom output related to
getfontattsnew()/the saving process that might be able to tell us some
more, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem).



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