When I assume .....

Tom Glod tom at makeshyft.com
Mon Jul 2 17:55:38 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

I've been with LC for 5 years now ...I use the send in time format alot
because i want to keep my interface unblocked.

In this code ...

on mouseUp
   local test_array

   put "a" into test_array["1"]
   put "b" into test_array["2"]
   put "c" into test_array["3"]

   send "TestCommand test_array" to me in 0 milliseconds (1)
   TestCommand test_array (2)
end mouseUp

on TestCommand IncomingArray
   answer the keys of IncomingArray &&  IncomingArray["1"]
end TestCommand

I had no idea that both these methods work the same way..... (1), (2)

I always assumed that the send in quotes version would treat the variable
name as a string not as a variable that it is.

I decided to do a test today and sure enough ... the behavior is identical.

I built and optimized many workarounds to this 'problem'

had I only done a simple test ...I would have saved alot of time.

moral of the story ....test...don't assume.

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