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Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Mon Jul 2 00:45:43 EDT 2018

I agree "mind-bogglingly nonsensical"

Something is very odd. If I open the stack with fresh start of the IDE I
start getting results closer to what I would expect. The by ref is about 5
to 10% faster. NOW.... Every so often when I open the message box things
start getting weird and I get those crazy results. If I close msg then it is
different weird. When I say different I mean that another step in the
process starts taking longer. Close LC and restart and things are back to
normal until I open the message box a few times. No pattern as of yet. But I
do know if you don't open the message box it never goes crazy. I'm going to
dig in and see what's happening here. If I can get a recipe I'm going to
send it off to Panos.

Win 10 VM
LC 9

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
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Not that I'm doubting your findings, but those both seem mind-bogglingly
nonsensical to me. Can you post your test code?

  Mark Wieder
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