LC Toolbar

hh hh at
Wed Jan 24 15:36:54 EST 2018

> TMHO it is a feature. Another comfort way to bring LC to front:
> Click on a pixel between the toolbar sections (I use "Toolbar Text" only).
> ** 1. You have the option to hide the "Toolbar":
> [a] by script: hide stack "revMenubar"
> [b] use Menu View: uncheck "Toolbar Text" and uncheck "Toolbar icons"
> ** 2. Yet another option is (to have the LC 6 behavior):
> set style of stack "revMenubar" to "palette"
> (issue once after each LC's startup).

Forgot to say: The above 1. and 2. works always, not only on MacOS.
So you can use it for your cross-platform-thingies.

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