Bug: in 8.18 Stable and 9 Dp11 legacy stack import

Lagi Pittas iphonelagi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 11:33:51 EST 2018


I have just spent a good few hours "playing" - I wished - with the Text
formatting of field.

Specifically It was on LC9 but I then installed 8.1.8 and the problem is on
there as well.
The problem was that all new fields (and old fields) a card had the "BOLD"
textstyle try as I might I couldn't switch off the bold unless I ticked
underline or italic or any other textstyle - There isnt a Plain button as
in version 6 anymore - or I cant find it.
If I press fixedline height and click on italic i can then switch off bold
and italic but it comes back on when i switch fixedline height off.

Anyway I did some more testing and it seems it was because this stack was
originally created in v6.11 - and I moved onto 9 when I got a corruption
that kept coming back - yes I know backups - I had MAXVs backup plugin
running and dropbox version history but they were saving the corrupted
stack although it was all fine and dandy in the IDE.

So the upshot is (I think) one of loading a legacy stack.

On a related note the corrupted stack was "losing" a substack used for
reporting  and a library stack but not alwayat the same time when I was
rebuilding from a working backup. - Lost days.

I wrote a little binary loader and managed to get the code for both stacks
back - so they were both still in the stack but were not showing in the

Can someone point me to the file where this loading of stacks is done and
the structure because I think we need some sort of stack loader for some
such instances in the future

Regards Lagi

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