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Your revOpenDatabase call is incorrectly formed. The useSSL and autoReconnect parameters should be booleans, like this:

put revOpenDatabase(“mysql”, tServer, tDatabaseName, tUser, tPass,true,,,true) into tConnectionID

Note also that you have to put the values into the correct parameter sequence, leaving empty items for params you are not using.

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I'm going crazy trying to make a SSL mysql connection from a Livecode
I was searching information in Livecode dictionary and Livecode guides,
but there's not much information about that.

I'm developing a small application for a customer.

This applications will be run inside my customer's premises.

I don't want to build a middleware between that database and the
applications because we don't have the time and resources.

Well, my mysql connection is this:

put revOpenDatabase("MySQL", tserver, tDatabaseName, tuser, tpass,
useSSL=true, autoReconnect) into tResult

But SSL seems not to work.

My questions are:

Is my string database connection well done?
Where do I have to put the client certificates for my MYSQL database?
Could you please send me a couple of small samples?

Thank you very much in advance.

Devin Asay
Office of Digital Humanities
Brigham Young University

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