Crazy script-only stack question

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 23 12:23:28 EST 2018

Geoff Canyon wrote:
 > "the behavior of me" accomplishes the same thing as "this me"
 > in a behavior script, and is far more clear besides.

Agreed, and there was a looooong thread about alternatives back when 
"this me" was proposed, but it's been around so long now that I doubt 
it's going away.

I feel similarly about "behavior" vs "parentScript".  The former is so 
generic that one needs to be very mindful of context when using it, to 
avoid confusion with other behaviors in the more common sense. 
ParentScript is geekier, but intentionally so: it's an invented work to 
describe a very specific thing, and as such avoids ambiguity while being 
more inherently communicative.

But much like "destroyStack" for a non-destructive behavior, or allowing 
property syntax for some function calls (but not others), or 
"playLoudness" for what the world calls "soundVolume", these are among 
the charms of our dialect that keep consultants employed. ;)

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