Crazy script-only stack question

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Mon Jan 22 15:20:38 EST 2018

Is there any reason script-only stacks had to be implemented in the engine?

Is there any reason *not* to implement their equivalent in about five lines
of code in the mainstack of a project? i.e.,

on loadTextStack tFilePath
    put url ("file:/" & tFilePath) into tStackData
    put line 1 of tStackData into tStackName
    create invisible stack tStackName
    set the script of stack tStackName to line 2 to -1 of tStackData
    send "openStack" to stack tStackName
end loadTextStack

This would immediately fix the issue of chained behaviors, and allow for
the incremental implementation of a far richer format for text-based stack
storage, leading to gains in project-definition source control.

Given that Bug 10275 <> is
over five years and several versions old, am I barking up a tree with this,
or making sense?

with no clue,


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