Anyone using a third-party update tool for LC-originated desktop apps?

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Mon Jan 22 14:42:13 EST 2018

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> Trevor, this is great stuff! I will now study it very carefully. I
> absolutely agree that there should be some kind of standard solution
> offered to LC developers. I’ve been saying for a long time that deployment
> is really the big issue for developers who have signed up to, and wish to
> depend on, LiveCode.

Yes, deployment can be quite time consuming if you don't have an automated
process. For my uses cases Levure makes the process rather straight forward.

> Other topics under this heading include:
> - code signing;

Levure will take care of this on macOS (assuming you have your signing
certificate installed).

> - installer production

Levure has Helpers for DropDMG and Inno Setup. It can package up for the
Apple Store out of the box. When building on macOS a DMG can be created
using DropDMG. A file that can be loaded into Inno Setup can be created as
well. Inno Setup will sign your application when building the installer
(assuming you have your signing certificate installed on your Windows

> - uninstallers to get rid of hidden files (neither the Mac nor the Windows
> built-in uninstall processes do a good job, not sure about mobile)

Personally I don't worry about this on macOS. On Windows the uninstaller
create by Inno Setup can remove any files you specify in the Inno Setup
configuration file.

Trevor DeVore

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