Anyone using a third-party update tool for LC-originated desktop apps?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Jan 22 06:04:35 EST 2018

Nowadays it’s customary for quite modest apps after launching to notify the user of an update being available, with the possibility of carrying out the update there and then, or refusing. A succession of dialog boxes guides the user through the updating process and shows progress. The update somehow bypasses the normal installation process, accepts existing license data, and simply replaces the app. If the app has a document open, then the new copy of the app re-opens it.

I was about to embark on coding all this in LC for an app that runs on Mac and PC desktops, when I realised that there are third-party tools out there that do it for you. At this stage I have not at all looked at the API of these things, or indeed checked if any of them are cross-platform. Before I go down one or more of these rabbit holes, I’d like to know if anyone on this list is already using one or more of these tools, and can give any guidance, including what to avoid, gotchas etc.

TIA for any input.


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