accessing 2 databases in 1 sql query

Lagi Pittas iphonelagi at
Thu Jan 18 06:40:15 EST 2018


Sorry if this counts as a double post but I thought I'd cast my net Wieder
after no bytes in the forums (both puns intended).

Basically I want to copy (migrate) a table in 1 database to another with
exactly the same number of records and same primary key but the new table
has a few extra fields which will be empty.

I can do it with a cut and paste in sqlitestudio - but I've written a
migration script for all the other tables which are not only smaller  but
it's a straight insert using a cursor.

I've thought of at least 4 ways of doing this - all will probably be slower
than this more direct route, but I'm thinking in the future using
mysql/postgres where I might(will?) need inner or outer joins from external
databases to do syncing - and yes  know I can do those as well with some
sql magic but I like SQL 1 liners ever since it was introduced in Foxpro
(for DOS)  over 25 years ago.

I can do this in Foxpro, VB, PHP  and any myriad of other languages but for
the life off me I can't think how this can be done using the calling
methods used within LC, since we pass the database "handle" outside the
query string how can we qualify a column as to the database it comes from.

If the answer is it can't be done then I'll have to do it in a  slower less
succinct way.

Thanks Lagi

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