Android devpt on Mac OS -- your setup?

andrew at andrew at
Mon Jan 15 08:50:50 EST 2018

> ::: Mac OS version :::
10.11.5 on MBP
10.12.6 on iMac
school IT just forced me to update the iMac to 10.13.2 but I haven't  
compiled anything since then (thanks Apple for not backwards applying  
Meltdown/Spectre patches)

> ::: LC version(s) :::
8.1.8 Business until the pesky "could not open module" bug crept into  
my stack. Now I'm using 9dp11 (I feel like this is dg2 related, but  
can't pinpoint that so it may be fake news)

> ::: Java JDK :::
1.8.0_121 on MBP
It's a holiday and the school is closed so I can't comment on the  
iMac, but since that was a clean install about 3 months ago the  
process is pretty fresh. I had to do something funky to get the JDK,  
and I think it was this...

> ::: Android SDK :::
> That LC lesson advices the full Android Studio for LC post-8.1.5. Do you
> agree?
I'm pretty sure that's the only way now. The old method didn't have a  
flashy interface (not that Android Studio does either, or is  
intuitive) but seemed to work fine for my needs.

> ::: Android SDK platform :::
> Again, that LC lesson advices the Android 4.0.3 package. Yes?
I think 4.0.3 is a must, but for some reason I also think that 4.2  
and/or 4.2.2 was a critical breakthrough for me when I first setup  
this system about 2 years ago.

--Andrew Bell

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