Anyone else got two-monitor issues with LC9 on Mac?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Jan 14 14:54:19 EST 2018

BR: I'm late to this party, but FWIW

Graham wrote: Does anyone else see this or know of any report? 

BR: yes, all the time, no recipe but it's so bad I don't *ever* put any liveCode stack on my MacBook Pro monitor -- which is designated as the secondary monitor when hooked up to the 31" curved LG giant display. And screen sharing is a pain because you want to show the small screen, not the big one, but nothing works on the small one.

So often I will try to show some stack or the script editor on the MacBook Pro…(designated as secondary) but typically the main symptom is: it is non-responsive to mouse events… 

Would love to find a solution. 

@ Mark W.

My screen rects are:


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